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Validating your idea and MVP for startups and entrepreneurs: quick but robust user research
Validating your idea and MVP for startups and entrepreneurs: quick but robust user research

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Curriculum and modules

Curriculum overview

Course introduction
The mindset you need
Framing your research and planning it
Methodologies and techniques
Finding people to speak to
Ethical research
Analysing your work
Decision making and presentations
Next steps

Curriculum in detail

Course introduction
The mindset
Why you need research, and why you’ll love it
The mindset: Falling out of love with your idea and being open to No
Your vision for what you want to offer
Framing and planning your research
The Big Questions you need to answer
Who you need to speak to - coulda, woulda, shoulda users
How many people do you need to speak to?
How much time do you need?
Identifying problems not solutions
Qualitative and quantitative research
Overview of the main methods and their pros and cons
Planning rounds of research
Ethical research
The dinner suit principle
Doing things right and regulations
NDAs - do you need them?
Getting consent and being upfront
Data protection and GDPR
Finding people
No one wants your damn coffee - incentives and dinners and your own offering
Existing lists and finding them
Potential clients vs users
Sorting user lists
Interviewing people
Be prepared
Remote, in person and Recording equipment
No leading questions
Timing an interview
Note taking
Pop-up interviews
No one likes answering surveys
Less is more
Pointers, not full answers
Tasks and exercises
A/B testing - the optometrist approach
Card sorting
Highlighter tests
Dot voting
Co-design or not?
Making sense of what you’ve got
Paraphrasing and summarising
Making observations and grouping them
Categorising your findings
Insights - the whole point of your research
Going back to your original questions - have you answered them
Do you need more research?
What changes have you made?
Presenting your findings and decisions
You as your own audience
Research as transformation
Reporting to investors or reporting to your team
Next steps
Continuous research
What did you miss?
From MVP to Beta to Live
Please note that the curriculum is subject to change.

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